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Written largely during quarantine, Daughter of the Sea is an internal look into Lizcano's life, addressing a wide range of topics from breaking generational traumas and grappling with immigrant identity, to sexual desire and learning radical self-love. Featuring tracks sung in both English and Lizcano's native Spanish, the album is a reflection of her experiences with and feelings of belonging to something bigger than the
boxed identities imposed by culture and society.

Lyrically, the album pulls inspiration from some of the
greatest singer-songwriters of our generation including
Fiona Apple, Mon Laferte and Regina Spektor, while it isinfluenced musically by the likes of Paul Simon, David
Bowie and American composer, Caroline Shaw. The artist’s love for classical music is apparent on Daughter of the Sea, with the esteemed Daedalus Quartet performing instrumental interludes throughout the album and providing instrumentation on several key tracks.

Daughter of the Sea. Photo by Maya Dixon, Design by Lucía Morales
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